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  Electric Contact Supply is a Wholesale Distributor with access to most             

  Major Brands of Industrial Controls and  Renewal Parts.

  With over 39 years of Servicing Electrical Customers in the U.S. and Canada.

  We have Developed a Supply Source to fit your needs.

  Our extensive National Supply Chain gives you :

  •  Multiple sources for the parts you need

  •  Best possible price

  •  With the shortest delivery time possible.

  • This gives you and your customer the competitive advantage you are looking for.
    You can Phone, Fax or E-mail our Sales Team for more information. See below:


  • We want to be Your  ONE STOP Industrial Control SOURCE:

  • Selection         *    Most Major Brands of New Products
                                     and Obsolete Items Available


  • Service            *    Source for Parts and Controls to meet your 

  •                             requirements


  • Savings            *    Quality Controls at Wholesale Prices.


  • Tech Support       *    39 Years of Specialized Support,        

  •                         Knowledge and Experience in Motor Controls.