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Pilot Devices selection:

Class 52 30.5mm Mounting Diameter Pilot Devices  Page
Introduction 10/129
Class 52 Oiltight N4/13  
Complete Pushbutton Units 10/130
Complete Push-pull Units 10/13110/134
Complete Twist-to-Release Units 10/135
Indicator Lights and Push to Test/Illuminated Pushbuttons 10/13610/137
Complete Selector Switches and Keyed Selector Switches 10/13810/139
Pushbuttons and Push-pull Operators 10/140
Selector Switch, Selector Pushbutton and Keyed Selector Operators 10/14110/143
Specialty Operators 10/144
Class 52 Black Max N4/4X/13  
Complete Pushbutton Units 10/145
Complete Push-pull Units 10/14610/149
Complete Twist-to-Release Units 10/150
Indicator Lights and Push to Test/Illuminated Pushbuttons 10/15110/152
Complete Selector Switches 10/153
Pushbuttons and Push-pull Operators 10/154
Selector Switch Operators 10/155
Cam Selection Guide for Selector Switch, Keyed Selector Switch and Selector Pushbutton  10/15610/157
Contact Blocks 10/160
Accessories and Spare Parts 10/15810/161
Dimensional Drawings 10/16210/164

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