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Pilot Devices selection:

Sirius 3SB3 22mm Mounting Diameter Pilot Devices

Introduction 10/1910/20
Technical Specifications 10/2110/22
3SB3 Metal Round  
Complete Units 10/2310/26
Pushbutton Operators 10/2710/28
Emergency-stop Mushroom Pushbutton Operators 10/29
Indicator Lights 10/30
Selector Switch Operators 10/3110/33
Key Operated Switch Operators 10/3410/36
3SB3 Plastic Round  
Complete Units 10/3710/41
Pushbutton Operators 10/4210/43
Emergency-stop Mushroom Pushbutton Operators 10/44
Indicator Lights 10/45
Selector Switch Operators 10/46
Key Operated Switch Operators 10/4710/49
Joystick Switches 10/5010/52
Twin Pushbutton Operators 10/53
3SB3 Plastic Square  
Complete Units 10/5410/55
Pushbutton Operators 10/56
Selector Switch Operators 10/57
Key Operated Switches 10/58
Emergency-stop Mushroom Pushbuttons 10/59
Indicator Lights 10/59
3SB3 Contact Blocks and Lampholders 10/6010/63
3SB3 Special Key Operated Switches 10/64
3SB3 Contact Block Position Chart for Selector Switches 10/65
3SB3 Laser Inscription and Legend Plates 10/6610/69
3SB3 Accessories and Spare Parts 10/7010/74

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